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March-Apr ( Shoulder )

March marks the beginning of spring when temperatures increase and rhododendrons bloom. Days are longer during March and April, making them perfect for trekking, although temperatures are still cool at night. It’s a famous time to travel, so make a plan to visit these two months. May is one of the hottest months of the year but will bring showers and cloud before the monsoon arrives.

Events and Festival

  • Holi festival is becoming more well-known around the world, but it isn’t just an Indian festival; it’s celebrated across the cities and towns of Nepal every March too.

Best Time To Visit In Nepal
Holi Festival In Nepal
  • Rhododendron season (March and April): Nepal’s landscapes change color in the spring as a range of rhododendron species spread across the hills and mountains, changing color according to altitude from reds to pinks and whites.

Best Time To Visit In Nepal
  • Wildlife Tour in Nepal (October to April): Nepal’s wildlife is worth exploring during the drier months. Chitwan and Bardia are two of the better protected national parks, offering great sightings of rhinos, monkeys, birds and even elephants.

Best Time To Visit In Nepal

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