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Why Northern Trekking Team

Why Northern Trekking Team

There may be lots of questions regarding why to choose the Northern Trekking Team as your travel partner?

The reason is pretty simple and easy with clarification of all the queries and doubts to choose us instead of endless local agencies and many well-renowned reputed travel companies. 

What Do We Do For You? Northern Trekking Team

However, Northern Trekking Team offers quite unique and different services and facilities in contrast to other travel agencies in Nepal. The main theme of our company is to provide the best of the best quality services and outstanding hospitality to our valued clients. We care about you in each and every aspect during the Trekking/Tour period for never giving you a chance to be disappointed. From the arrival at the airport to departure from the airport, it’s our responsibility to guide you and make your holidays unforgettable and worthy in the Himalayas of Nepal.

We Care About You

In addition, the journey into the wilder Himalayas of Nepal requires good physical and medical preparation. Hence, we care about your medical background and assign the right guides and staff from the time of your booking. This is only for making your trip comfortable, explorative, enjoyable and adventurous throughout the trip as well as lifetime memorable. Moreover, you will surely appreciate the services provided by us and amazed by the friendly behaviors of the staff and guides throughout the trip. Nevertheless, you will surely have the feelings (or notice) of choosing the best travel company right after joining us.

Our Commitment to Our Country

Tourism is one of the major economies of our country, Nepal. Since we have been involved in tourism sectors since 16 years, it’s our duty to do something for our land and our Nepalese society. We really respect and love the tourism in our country and separate some amount of our profits to the needy ones or society. We believe that, if the efforts or some small help done by us can make someone happy then why to step back.

Discounted Travel

In actual Travelling with (NTT) is cheap and additionally allows you to grab some discounted travel services too. We offer land travel cost-free for a group of 12 or more people. In addition, we provide 5% discount to our local customers (traveled 2 or more times with us) and another 5% for those who have been referred to us by our valued clients. Seasonal discounts are common in Northern Trekking Team. 

Number of Groups

NTT requires at least 5 people for carrying out this operation because of the fact to enjoy the journey with your planning and to avoid the last time cancellation in a larger group.

Additional Options

Traveling with Northern Trekking Team will take you to the most interesting and amazing places inside the earth, which will surely (mostly) make you extend your trip. Keeping this fact in mind, we are free to negotiate with it with our valued clients. We believe that it will be the extra pleasure and enjoyment for our customers and happy to deal with it, but make sure to discuss your interest with our staff.

We Ensure You

However, it won’t be wrong to proudly announce the Northern Trekking Team (NTT) as a unique and special travel agency in contrast to most of the local and reputed companies. Our experience and deep knowledge in all the areas of destination with medical knowledge in our staff will surely help you to explore more and more as well as to tackle out any uncertain medical injuries which may arise in the trip. We ensure you that, the journeys led by our professional guides will surely make your holiday lifetime memorable and worthy.  

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