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We are professional and highly skilled team, based on creating, organizing and managing different tours, trekking and different outdoor adventurous packages, inside and outside the country. We are happy to announce that, it’s already been 16 years of our portfolio, always engaged in satisfying and working best of the best on the behalf of our valued customers.

Mingmar Tamang | Northern Trekking Team

Mingmar Tamang

Founder of Northern Trekking Team ( Director )

Namaste everyone!
I am Mingmar Tamang from the north-east part of this Himalayan nation, Nepal. I am a certified trek guide who is in this profession since 2003.
Initially, I started this career as a porter and gradually become a trekking guide from the certified institution of Nepal government.
I have led more than 500 guests from across the globe to various trek destinations of this country. Everest region, Annapurna region, Manaslu region and Langtang region are some of the areas of my expertise where I have been multiple times in this tenure of over one and half-decade. (more…)

Northern Trekking Team

Ghising Tshering

Office assistant

Hello everyone and Namaste from Nepal,

My name is Ghising Tshering and I am from Kerung-2, Solukhumbu, Nepal. The site is located at the eastern part of Nepal in Khumbu region. I joined the tourism industry in 2009 as a porter. I joined the sector before the accomplishment of my high school as family responsibility pushed me in this space of tourism. (more…)

Eduard Anugrahwan Vau

Marketing Director in Indonesia, Jakarta

Eduard was born in Indonesia, Jakarta. He is a climbing, nature and mountain lover. He made his first journey to Nepal in 2010. He has completed Everest Base Camp along with the famous destination part of Nepal. He is a professional trainer of outdoor and adventures activities as well as qualifications in marketing and advertising.

Gordon Kloth

Marketing Director in Germany

Gordon Kloth made his first journey to Nepal in 2013. He has completed Everest Base Camp along with famous destination part of Nepal. His travels have taken to Africa, Asia, and Europe. The stunning beauty of the Himalayas inspired him to meet with the director of NTT to see how this beautiful region could be marketed to Germany for adventure travelers as well as the owner of a construction company since 2010.

Stefano Zucchini

Marketing Director in Italy
Email address: stefanozukka.sz@gmail.com

Northern Trekking Team

Nima Wang Sherpa

Climbing And Trekking Guide

Mr. Nima Wang Sherpa came from the Everest region, comes from a highlander family of Sherpa origin and community. He is a strong and hardworking climbing guide. Mr. Sherpa a reputed and expert mountain climbing guide leading to Everest region to the high altitude trekking and climbing destination with the successful trip of Nepal.

He has a long experience as a climbing guide and also he becomes a Khumbu icefall doctor since 2019. He got trekking guide license from Nepalese Government. He has started to work trekking guide with Northern Trekking Team since it came into action.
He speaks smooth English and familiar with the culture and customs of local ethnic groups of mountain areas. (more…)

Northern Trekking Team

Suryaman Tamang

Climbing And Trekking Guide

Mr. Suryaman Tamang came from the Everest region, Solu Khumbu district. He is a strong and hard-working mountain climbing guide. He had already summited Mere peak 15 times, Island peak 20 times, Pisang peak 13 times, Lobuche peak 17 times and many other mountains. Mr. Tamang has more than 15 years of experience in the tourism field. However, being a professional climbing guide and long-term experience in tourism. (more…)

Northern Trekking Team

Samrat Rana Magar

Trekking Guide

He was born in the eastern part of Nepal- Pattale village in the Solukhumbu district. Growing up in a village, where most of the people worked in the trekking industry, Samrat was inspired by the stories of the trekking from his village, included people who have to trek, Everest, more than 100 times.

Till date, Samrat has already conquered some of the famous treks in Nepal. Such as Everest region, Annapurna region, Manaslu, Manag, Mustang, Tibet and many more. (more…)

Northern Trekking Team

Tashi Sherpa

Climbing and Trekking Guide

Tashi Sherpa – Trekking and mountains climbing guide Mr. Tashi Sherpa coming from Everest region Solu-Khumbu district. Comes from a highlander family of Sherpa origin and community. He has started to work trekking guide with Northern Trekking Team since it came into action. Mr. Tashi Sherpa a reputed and expert Mountain and Climbing guide leading wide world adventure and travelers to high altitude trekking and climbing destinations with successful trips to his name. When you plan a high altitude trek and adventure including all types of climbing Mr. Tashi Sherpa will be your perfect guide and choice.

Mingur Sherpa

Mingur Sherpa

Professional Climbing Guide

Mingur Sherpa is one of the most adventure climbing guides that has been in the industry of trekking and travel since 2001. Due to his extended involvement in the area, he’s one of the greatest professionals in this industry that has done nearly all available trekking excursions with individuals from all over in Nepal. He’s a climbing guide who’s presently employed as a Trekking Guide plus Climbing Guide, continuing his career and fueling his passion for travel. He’s climbed several peaks throughout his profession as a climbing guide. His remarkable achievements include climbing Mera Peak over 15 times, the Island Peak over 20 times, Lobuche Peak 11 times, Gyjuri Peak and Pokalde Peak. His wisdom and experience, and his incredible nature and kind character, is exactly what makes him a significant part of our team.