Best Time To Visit Nepal | High season- Autumn (September-November) Best Time To Visit Nepal | High season- Autumn (September-November)

High season- Autumn (September-November)

Best Time To Visit Nepal

The first two months of the dry season offer the best weather for trekking. Beautiful clear skies, fresh air, warm days and spectacular views during the two months. Thousand of people hit the trails in the Everest Region and Annapurna Region at that time. The climate is becoming more hotter than the other two seasons as well as days make trekking easier and offer good visibility.

Events and Festival

  • Dasin– This festival is Nepal’s biggest festival and much of the country comes to a stop. All creeds and castes participate as 100,000 animals are sacrificed across Nepal in honor of Durga (Kali). It is difficult to start a trek during Dasain because all of the buses and planes are jammed, and porters are impossible to find in the countryside. on your trek, you’ll see the bamboo swings that are erected in every village.
Bamboo Swing
  • Tihar– Diwali, The festival of lights is the second-most important festival in Nepal. Hindus pay homage to Laxmi (the goddess of wealth). houses are given new coats of paint, hundreds of oil lamps and candles are lit, firecrackers are recklessly tossed into the streets and most houses are packed with men gambling the night away.
Laxmi Puja
  • Mani Rimdu– This popular three-day Sherpa festival at Tengboche Monastery features masked dance and dramas, which celebrate the victory of Buddhism over the existing Tibetan religion. In addition to these national events, there are many regional festivals, as well as local religious dances or ceremonies marked by specific monasteries.
Tengboche Monastery Night-Time

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