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About Bhutan

Bhutan is a small landlocked country in South Asia in the eastern Himalayas, surrounded by China and India from all sides. The country has the second least population in south Asia and Thimphu is the capital of the nation. However, it is the first country in South Asia in economic freedom, peace and least corrupted country up to 2016.

The climatic condition in Bhutan varies from subtropical to temperate with always snow in the northern part of the country. Collectively, Bhutan experiences various types of the season and climatic conditions all over the year. However, you can find various species of flora and fauna including the rare ones preserved in multiple conservation areas. Most of the people here follow Vajrayana Buddhism and the national language is Bhutanese, which is also referred to as dharma language.

Moreover, Bhutan has well preserved unique and enriched cultural heritages. Because of the diverse unspoiled natural environment and cultural heritage, the country is also known as ‘The Last Shangri-la’. The architectural aspects are distinctively traditional without the use of nails and bar in construction. You can experience the most unique and new experience in multiple aspects, if you make your journey into it.

Despite being any UNESCO world heritage sites in Bhutan, but houses eight declared provisional sites for UNESCO. The Mask dance of the drums from Drametse is registered in the UNESCO untouchable cultural heritage list. The country is also popular mountain trekking and hiking which includes the most famous Jhomolhari Base Camp Trek, Snowman Trek, and Masagang Trek, really satisfying its visitors.

We, as a Northern Trekking Team, organize the most popular tour package in Bhutan, allowing you to cover the whole Bhutan surfaces. According to our deep research, Bhutan Culture Heartland Tour is the most demanding tour package in this country. In this package, you can closely look into the ancient most interesting culture of Bhutan as well as deep insight into the enriched biodiversity, vivacious religion, exclusive arts, ancient history, cultural grandeur, heritage and picturesque landscapes of the country. NTT has designed special packages with an explorative itinerary to explore the most highlighted attractions in Bhutan.

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