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Best Time To Visit Nepal

One of the popular inquiries we collect from travelers is “When is the Best Time To Visit In Nepal?”

The best season to travel to Nepal is Autumn, from late September to late November when the weather is cloudless and dry. During that time, the weather is not too cold in high places.

However, Nepal celebrates diverse geography and climatic differences and the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic scenario calls for travelers almost all year round. If you are planning to visit in Nepal, first you have to be clear about the purpose of your visit. Get proper information about the area of your interests. Then you can visit Nepal at any time of the year- in any season. You can mail us at for a detailed itinerary of your holiday.


Best Time To Visit Nepal

The first two months of the dry season allow the best weather for trekking. Beautiful clear skies, fresh air, warm days and spectacular views during the two months. Thousand of people hit the trails in the Everest Region and Annapurna Region at that time. The climate is becoming more hotter than the other two seasons as well as days make trekking easier and offer good visibility.


Best Time To Visit Nepal


Dashain- This festival is Nepal’s biggest festival and much of the country comes to a stop. All creeds and castes participate as 100,000 animals are sacrificed across Nepal in honor of Durga (Kali). It is difficult to start a trek during Dasain because all of the buses and planes are jammed, and porters are impossible to find in the countryside. on your trek, you’ll see the bamboo swings that are erected in every village.

Best Time To Visit Nepal


Tihar– Diwali, The festival of lights is the second-most important festival in Nepal. Hindus pay homage to Laxmi (the goddess of wealth). houses are given new coats of paint, hundreds of oil lamps and candles are lit, firecrackers are recklessly tossed into the streets and most houses are packed with men gambling the night away.

Best Time To Visi Nepal

Mani Rimdu

Mani Rimdu– This popular three-day Sherpa festival at Tengboche Monastery features masked dance and dramas, which celebrate the victory of Buddhism over the existing Tibetan religion. In addition to these national events, there are many regional festivals, as well as local religious dances or ceremonies marked by specific monasteries.

MARCH-APRIL ( Shoulder )

March marks the beginning of spring when temperatures increase and rhododendrons bloom. Days are longer during March and April, making them perfect for trekking, although temperatures are still cool at night. It’s a famous time to travel, so make a plan to visit these two months. May is one of the hottest months of the year but will bring showers and clouds before the monsoon arrives.



Holi festival is becoming more well-known around the world, but it isn’t just an Indian festival; it’s celebrated across the cities and towns of Nepal every March too.



Rhododendron season (March and April): Nepal’s landscapes change color in the spring as a range of rhododendron species spread across the hills and mountains, changing color according to altitude from reds to pinks and whites.

Wildlife In Nepal


Wildlife Tour in Nepal (October to April): Nepal’s wildlife is worth exploring during the drier months. Chitwan and Bardia are two of the better protected national parks, offering great sightings of rhinos, monkeys, birds and even elephants.

JUNE- AUGUST ( Low Season )

The monsoon season runs from June through to August. Days are warm (up to 30°C), wet and with high humidity. Due to Nepal’s topography, rains often occur at night, resulting in lovely morning scenery. Although we’d advise against trekking at this time of year, city sightseeing is still possible and quieter than trek periods.

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